The G Shot

G-Spot Amplification Services

Enhance your sexual gratification with The G Shot! The G Shot is a patent pending method in which the G-Spot is amplified with an FDA approved collagen. Here at the Laser Vaginal Institute of New York City, we are determined to help you revitalize every sexual experience you have. Our Yale-trained and Board certified OB/GYN listens to you in order to help give you exactly what you want.

A few facts about the G-Shot include:

  • It was developed by gynecologist David Matlock
  • In pilot study, 87% of women felt enhanced sexual gratification after the treatment
  • The affect can last for up to four months

We care about what you have to say and our success is a result of us listening to you to help give you exactly what you want. Don’t settle for less any longer! Call us today at 212-249-6709 to set up a complimentary consultation.

Why Choose Us?

  • Yale Trained and Board Certified OBGYN
  • Expert Trained in Laser Surgery
  • Accredited Surgical Facility Located on 5 th Avenue
  • Featured on the Discovery Channel and BBC
  • Published in the American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery
  • Lectured at the World Congress for Female & Male Genital Surgery
  • Most Compassionate Doctor for 2012 & 2013 by
  • Five Star Rated on Google and Zoc Doc
  • Financing Available